Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

Why do Live Sales?

Why do Live Sales?

It’s a lot of work. You have to prepare, buy additional software and equipment, and put yourself out there. It makes you vulnerable. But the rewards in terms of sales and connection with your shoppers are second to none.

The human touch

And your shoppers get a lot in return: entertainment, community, and a real relationship with the merchant they’re buying from. They get to see a face and personality behind the business. Live sales are the most sincere and human element of sales before commerce moved away from the brick-and-mortar.

This connection leads to a boost in brand loyalty and engagement. They see the vulnerable personality behind the camera and they want to support them.

Live sales = urgency

Giving your shoppers an exclusive time to catch your latest products makes for a very motivated buyer. They know they can’t buy this any place or any time else.

“I’ve doubled my sales ever since I started going live.” – boutique owner

Without a sense of urgency, your audience behave like window shoppers. Casually browsing without knowing that others might be looking at the same product.

But with a live sale, the fear of missing out is real. When they see comments that are snatching up products, they know they need to act fast. ATC’s and conversions naturally go up. Shoppers love the feeling of getting something that someone else wanted.


Having one-of-a-kind and low quantity products makes the urgency even stronger. Shoppers that know there are only two in stock in their size, the sense of competition heats up. Purchase decisions are made faster. And impulse buys happen dynamically.

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Jamie Larson