Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

Equipment needed for a great live sale

Equipment needed for a great live sale

If you’re a serious live seller, you’ll want to invest in the right equipment to give your live sales a professional feel. With each of the items below, you don’t need the top-of-the-line. But just having them is important.


Having an updated phone with a good camera is key. Either Android or iPhone works, as long as they’re not outdated phones with a lot of clutter (too many other apps) on them. In fact the professional livestream seller may want to get a dedicated phone just for their live sales.


Having a laptop next to you to monitor incoming comments and control your overlays is also a necessity. Even if you use a barcode scanner, you’ll still want a laptop to watch the Preview for comments. We do NOT recommend a tablet for this purpose. Either a laptop or desktop works best.


Another essential device to mount your phone and keep the video steady. You don’t want a shaky video. Some ring lights have built in phone holders and so a tripod may not be needed if you go for the ring light which we recommend.

Ring Light

You’ll be amazed at what high-quality lighting and its soft glow can do to make you and your products look gorgeous. We recommend at least an 18” ring light with a built in tripod.

Lightning to Ethernet Adapter

Use an all-in-one lightning to ethernet adapter to connect your phone directly into your internet modem. At the very least, your phone should be on wifi and not data. But if your wifi is flaky, plugging directly into your modem is ideal.


Keep the focus on you and your products with a nice backdrop. It doesn’t have to be a fancy design set. But being intentional about what your backdrop looks like, and getting rid of any clutter in the background signals to your shoppers that you’re selling high quality products with attention to detail.

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Jamie Larson