Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

CommentSold vs Shopify (SoldLive)

CommentSold vs Shopify (SoldLive)
CommentSold vs Shopify

CommentSold is a good choice for stores that are not already on Shopify. But there are 2 disadvantages of CommentSold:

1) Facebook limits the reach of live sales streamed through CS

2) Your new shoppers need to register

Limited reach on Facebook when using CS

A mobile shopping app experience limits your reach on Facebook.

1) Facebook doesn't like being a secondary destination. With the CS app, the primary destination is their mobile shopping app and Facebook is secondary. Facebook doesn't look kindly to platforms that take their viewers off to a different destination.

2) By definition, a mobile shopping app will have engagement on CS and not on FB. That triggers a vicious cycle of worsening reach since FB sees a boutique's lives are getting less and less comments on FB.

With SoldLive, the only destination is Facebook. Even if a boutique streams from our mobile overlay app, it's identical to going live directly on FB from Facebook's perspective. Meta likes that much better. And all comments happen on Facebook which their algorithm obviously likes.

You can see the stark difference in this example:

The middle live (circled in green) was done with SoldLive, and the left and right (circled in red) were done with CommentSold. You can click the links to see the lives for yourself and verify that the viewership was 3.5X higher for SoldLive than it was for CS!

CS shoppers need to register

With SoldLive, shoppers just comment to buy. They get taken straight to your Shopify checkout page where they can easily check out as guest. Or they can log into their account on your Shopify store to take advantage of loyalty programs if you have one.

Making new shoppers register before purchasing adds friction to the buying process.

When does CS make sense?

The big advantage of CommentSold over Shopify + SoldLive is that you get your own mobile app that shoppers can download. Mobile apps allow you to send push notifications whenever you go live or have a sale. It's also the right choice if you want to host your live sales on your own owned channel instead of on Facebook or Instagram.

A lot of merchants are locked into CS because of the mobile app. If a mobile app is vital to your business, we don't recommend leaving CS. (just keep in mind that the longer you're with CS - the more push notification subscribers you have through your CS mobile app and the less reach you'll have on Facebook. Your company is completely locked into CS at that point).

Why having Shopify + CommentSold may not be a good idea

If you are managing your inventory on Shopify and trying to sync with CommentSold, you have probably run into issues like:

  • Making your shoppers register with CommentSold
  • Inventory syncing issues between CS and Shopify
  • Loyalty points and discount codes from Shopify not working on your CS storefront
  • Having to manage 2 separate storefronts
  • Returns in-store being impossible to track in CS if you are using the Shopify POS

So if you're already on Shopify, SoldLive might be the better choice. Having both Shopify and CommentSold together means you're paying for 2 checkout systems, 2 storefronts, 2 inventory management systems, 2 point-of-sales, etc.

If you really need a mobile app, the Shopify app store has plenty of options to create mobile apps directly from Shopify (ex Tapcart)

Finally, keep in mind that CommentSold takes 3% (on top of CC transaction fees) on every sale. The mobile app options on Shopify do not take a commission of your sales. And SoldLive's Retail plan is the same monthly price as CS, but CS is 3X more in commission fees.

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Jamie Larson