Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

Case Study: Commentsold vs SoldLive

We've heard from many CommentSold (and Vajro) customers that their Facebook viewership dropped once they started streaming with them.

There are 2 reasons why this could be happening

1) When a streaming service makes the primary broadcast destination a mobile shopping app, Facebook becomes a secondary broadcast.

Facebook's algorithm does not like platforms that take their viewers off of Facebook.

2) A mobile shopping app encourages engagement to happen on the mobile app instead of comments on Facebook. That triggers a cycle of worsening reach since FB sees a boutique's lives are getting less and less comments on FB.

It's a dangerous feedback loop that further locks you into the mobile shopping app since that's where you're seeing engagement. Less comments on your Facebook Live can easily lead to your reach on Facebook getting worse and worse over time.

The example below from The Teal Antler Boutique clearly demonstrates the difference:

The 12 lives in the green box were done with SoldLive. And the 12 lives in the red box were done with CommentSold. The ones with SoldLive averaged 710 views, whereas the CommentSold lives averaged 380.

There are many good reasons to keep a mobile shopping app for your customers. But The Teal Antler chose to do their lives with SoldLive to get a 2-3X increase in FB viewership over CommentSold.

SoldLive does NOT have the 2 problems mentioned above. Our primary and only destination of our mobile overlay app is FB and IG. We intentionally avoid streaming onto your website or mobile app.

And all comments and engagement stay within FB and IG when using SoldLive. Facebook's algorithm likes this, and rewards these lives with more reach over time.

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Jamie Larson