Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

Checklist for doing a Facebook Live Sale (by yourself)

Checklist for doing a Facebook Live Sale (by yourself)

Having an extra set of hands to help answer questions or pass merchandise is nice. But some of the most successful live sellers on Facebook have no help at all. If you’re flying solo, it’s very important to prep your setup and inventory.

  • Test your internet speed and ensure you're on wifi and not cellular
  • Lay out your products in the order that you want to show them
  • Test your overlays in Preview mode. If not using overlays, look up your product #'s and assign number cards or post-its
  • Test your barcode scanner and ensure all the products you're going to show are barcoded. Scan them in Preview mode to ensure the overlays switch
  • Set up your lighting and background. Ensure your background is clutter-free and showcases a couple of the products you plan to sell
  • Ensure other apps on your phone are closed, and your phone is plugged in

You may want to have your own checklist or script when you're actually live. Things like housekeeping rules, how to claim items, asking for shares, welcoming visitors by name, etc. But the above checklist helps you get ready before you go live, especially if you're a one-person show.

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Jamie Larson