Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

About SoldLive

SoldLive is the #1 Shopify app to automate your Facebook and Instagram Live Sales.

Invoices (Shopify draft orders) are automatically created and sent to anyone who comments with the number. We read in your Shopify variants like size and color, and present them as options for your shoppers to click in Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM's. Or they can specify the variants in their comment to get the invoice directly.

Your shoppers get a checkout link within Messenger with all the items they commented for, and check out at once when your live is over.

Your shoppers do not need to register to shop with you. Everything is tied into your Shopify store, including your checkout process.

SoldLive works on ANY post made by your FB Business page, as well as your Instagram posts, lives, reels, and stories.

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Jamie Larson