Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

4 Ways to Gamify your Facebook live sales

4 Ways to Gamify your Facebook live sales

Retail gamification refers to appealing to our human desire to compete and win. It makes shopping social and entertaining. Here are 4 ways to gamify your FB lives:

  1. Encourage commenting. Tapping to shop will never be as effective as comment selling, because comments are needed to drive social proof and reach. Facebook’s algorithm favors live videos that get a lot of comments. So a “silent” tap to add-to-cart will not get the same distribution effect as a comment to add-to-cart.

  2. Set limited cart hold times. Remind your shoppers they only have X hours to check out. We recommend keeping the cart hold times short so shoppers know their carts will be dumped soon.

  3. Use loyalty points. There are lot of Shopify apps and options to creat loyalty programs. Reward your repeat shoppers with points and discounts.

  4. Exclusive discounts or free shipping during the live. You can set a discount to only be available during today’s live. You can set it for free shipping, or a $ or % off. No codes needed. This gets shoppers excited about today’s sale and helps lower abandoned carts.

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Jamie Larson