Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

1 or 2 person live sales?

1 or 2 person live sales?

You can certainly do Facebook live sales solo. If you’re using Overlays with SoldLive, you just need your phone to stream the video and a laptop to keep an eye on the comments in the Preview. We especially recommend using a barcode scanner if you’re solo so that you don’t need to manually update the Overlay from your laptop.

Having a 2nd person is a huge help. This allows the host to just worry about the phone while the behind the scenes can focus on the laptop. In front of the phone, the host’s job is to entertain and present the products. And on the laptop, the helper’s job is to control the overlay (either manually or with a barcode scanner) while watching the Preview to address incoming questions from the comments.

But the most successful lives we see have 2 people in front of the camera. This co-host setup allows for a fun dynamic between the 2 of you. It feels more like a natural conversation at a dinner party and less of a sales presentation. And it lets the main host take a break from doing all the talking!

If you don’t have a dedicated co-host, invite a friend, teammate, or even family member to be a guest. It’s even better if they’re not familiar with the products since yhey can ask genuine questions about them.

If you do have a co-host, make sure your energy feeds off each other. Laughter and small talk creates a fun atmosphere. When your audience drops in on one of these lives, they feel like they’re eavesdropping in on a party! And that’s the vibe you want to maintain.

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Jamie Larson