Live selling on FB and IG for your Shopify store

3.5X more viewers with SoldLive over CommentSold

We've heard from many CommentSold and Vajro customers that their Facebook viewership dropped once they started streaming with CS.

The mobile shopping app experience causes this drop.

More specifically:

1) Facebook doesn't like being a secondary destination. With the CS or Vajro app, the primary destination is their mobile shopping app and Facebook is secondary.

Facebook does not look kindly to platforms that take their viewers off to a different destination.

2) By definition, the mobile shopping app encourages engagement to happen on the mobile app and not on FB. That triggers a vicious cycle of worsening reach since FB sees a boutique's lives are getting less and less comments on FB.

It's a dangerous feedback loop that further locks you into the mobile shopping app since that's where you're seeing activity. But it further limits your reach on Facebook.

The example below from The Beauty Alley Boutique clearly demonstrates the difference:

The middle live (circled in green) was done with SoldLive, and the left and right (circled in red) were done with CommentSold. You can click the links to see the lives for yourself and verify that the viewership was 3.5X higher for SoldLive than it was for CS!

There are many good reasons to stay with CommentSold if you like their mobile app. But if increasing viewership on FB or IG is one of your goals, CS or Vajro will not help you get there.

SoldLive does NOT have the 2 problems mentioned above. Our primary and only destination of our mobile overlay app is FB and IG. We do not support streaming onto your website or mobile app.

And all comments and engagement stay within FB and IG when using SoldLive. Facebook's algorithm likes this, and rewards these lives with more reach over time.

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Jamie Larson